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Environmental Branding: All brands on deck

Scott Helms

By Scott Helms

As a marketer for your university, you understand the dynamic of having dozens of departments, colleges or units that are all on board your university’s branding boat. And as you know, having any brand gaps and holes can quickly sink your marketing efforts.

Navigating these waters can be especially tricky for an environmental branding project. From the math-loving engineers to the Oxford comma-debating English department, colleges and units need to be able to differentiate themselves while at the same time remain unified with the university’s brand to run a tight ship.

Go on a research voyage to sea results.

Before you raise the anchor and start an environmental branding project, you need to make sure you take the time to do your homework. This includes development of your target demographic hierarchy, space utilization modeling and traffic flow research. With our clients, we use a strategic research approach to take time to connect with all of your stakeholders to develop a deep understanding of your unique brand so we can collaboratively create an on point design and brand voice that elevates the individual brand while also having alignment with the bigger university brand. This helps us ensure your voyage into the brave new world of environmental branding is a success.

We’d love to chat about your next environmental project. Get in touch with us or visit our environmental branding page to see our work in action.

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