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Environmental Branding: Brand building for building branding

Scott Helms

By Scott Helms

Fancy seeing you here. Looks like you want to learn more about environmental branding and how it can transform your campus buildings into an out-of-this-world marketing asset. It really is one giant leap for your brand-kind.

Think about going to Disney World. From castles and sleeping princesses down to the $25 “magical” bottles of water, everything circles around the Disney brand. This is environmental branding. It is the extension of your brand into the building you operate in. If done well, it has the potential to create long-lasting impressions for current and prospective students and staff.

Now, we aren’t talking about slapping your logo on a wall. This is transforming your space to reflect your unique university brand and culture. From exterior building banners to interior wall graphics and displays, each environmental installation must be strategically and uniquely crafted to connect emotionally with specific target audiences through eye-catching visuals and creative messaging. If done correctly, you will be able to greatly elevate the overall perception of your brand, enhance the student experience, boost donor dollars and much more.

What spaces are we talking?

Not only should the design and messaging for your environmental branding be captivating, but it should also be strategically placed. An experienced environmental branding agency will be able to come on campus and provide guidance on what areas to capitalize on. Typically, the general rule of thumb is to focus on high-traffic areas that will give your brand the most exposure to the right people. This can be hallways, stairways, classrooms or building exteriors.

Who cares?

Many studies have shown these aesthetically pleasing environmental spaces foster increased productivity, focus and learning while also reducing fatigue and stress. A study published in the Building and Environment Journal found that changing some core elements of a classroom design can increase student learning outcomes by 16 percent. Environmental branding — a truly “smart” investment.

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