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Writer and Digital Content Strategist

Strategic Storyteller

Flying Hippo is in search of a human Swiss Army knife of branding and marketing. This person will be considered a multi-tool in different senses but will have a specialization in creative writing for our branding clients, as well as digital content strategy (also known as Inbound).

How will you know if you’re a good fit for this position?


  • You have a firm understanding of voice and tone as it relates to branding.
  • You are a highly creative wordsmith – a wizard for generating original, thought-provoking key messaging, taglines, headlines and more.
  • You’re a grammatical nerd. The argument of whether or not to use an oxford comma excites you.
  • You’re no stranger to short, punchy copy. You embrace long-form copy too.
  • You’re a chameleon with words, able to blend into many different environments. Meaning, you don’t have one writing style. You can infuse the appropriate voice into writing depending on the brand and situation.
  • You can blog like the wind.
  • You’re not afraid of the editor’s knife.
  • You live for deadlines and editorial calendars.
  • You are confident when publishing your writing on tools such as WordPress and HubSpot.
  • You have a journalistic tendency to find and present the most important information.

Inbound/Digital Content Strategy

  • You have a firm understanding of Inbound marketing principles and best practices.
  • You know your way around a Google Analytics and HubSpot dashboard.
  • You can grasp the big picture of where a client needs to go and translate their goals into nitty-gritty marketing tactics to help get them there.
  • You use analytics to tell a greater story.
  • You know what CTA and SEO stand for.
  • You’re constantly staying up to date with client’s analytics, and you’re ready to make pivots in your strategy if the current tactics aren’t bringing desired results.


4-year degree in Journalism, English, Marketing, or a related field


2+ years in writing/marketing/branding
Inbound Marketing Certification preferred

How To Apply:

Smart, passionate applicants should email their résumé and portfolio samples PDF or URL to jobs@flyinghippo.com (electronic files not to exceed 5MB). Only select candidates will be contacted.

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