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We’re naturals at environmental branding.

What is environmental branding?

Environmental branding is the extension of your brand into the space that you inhabit to strengthen your brand and spark human connections. If done correctly, it can make your space a branded reality to elevate your customer experience, attract new talent and engage employees.

Hold on now. We aren’t talking about a haphazard logo slapping. This is creating a tangible presence for your brand style and brand voice by using eye-catching visuals and evocative messages. From exterior building banners to interior wall graphics, each environmental installation must be intentionally and strategically crafted to connect with the people that come into your space.

Don’t forget the yams

Environmental Branding

Environmental branding truly is an essential branding tactic that needs to be put on your marketing plate. Traditionally, branding is often thought of as logos, websites, printed materials and advertisements. But much like yams at a Thanksgiving dinner, environmental branding often gets forgotten and untouched.

These aesthetically pleasing environmental spaces can deepen your audience’s connection with your brand, improve the overall perception, attract employees or customers and heck, even increase productivity.

Those are some pretty sweet (potato) benefits, huh?

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