Video will improve your marketing. For reel.

Video is one of the strongest forms of storytelling. Now more than ever, your customers are willing to watch a video rather than read through mounds of content. Not only do they demand attention, but video provides an opportunity to display your brand visually, and make a deeper connection with your target audience.

Your brand might be surrounded by steroid suspicion after we pump you up.

A well-produced video is more eye-catching than a super ripped, oily, tan bodybuilder. And as it turns out, our video team can seriously flex their video skills by creating impactful film masterpieces, worthy of an academy award. (Just don’t ask to see their beach bods. They’re pretty pale since they work in an editing suite all day.)

video production


First, we have to know the goal of our video. Who’s the audience? What’s the style? What is the message you need to get across? After this framework, our Blur MediaWorks team will begin the creative pre-production process to create your concept. Once concepting is approved, we can begin script writing and storyboarding. Then we’re able to begin production which can include hiring talent, location scouting, drone footage and more. In post-production, we finely tune the video with editing, graphics, color grading and exporting.

No two projects are the same, and we approach each project differently depending on your needs. In general, the timeline for most products is about 10 weeks, but it depends greatly on the project and timetable.

Other Services

Along with video production, we also offer media training and media buying. For our media training, we show you how to locate content within your company, a plan to execute those videos, skills to shoot, write, produce and edit your material to create professional video work. We’ll work with established teams, new teams or teams looking for a better work-flow.

And if you’re looking to run your beautiful new video as an advertisement during the Super Bowl? Well, we’ve helped clients do that too. Our media buying services ensure that your video runs in the most effective time slot, connecting with your ideal demographic at the right time.

video reels

If you’re thinking about getting video done, our best advice is to strike up a conversation. Our lens-wielding team can provide you more in-depth information once we understand your video needs.

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